Dialysis Center Setup

We specialized in the field of Turnkey Dialysis Center Setup.

Dialysis Center Setup

10+ Years Experience

Our ongoing pursuit over the years revolves around refining the highest-quality, time-efficient, and cost-effective hemodialysis therapies. We deliver advanced machinery, equipment, and consumables to improve treatment standards, emphasizing patient safety and comfort.

Turnkey Dialysis setup

We specialized in the field of Turnkey Dialysis setup.

We have completed many Turnkey projects all over the world with an installation base of more than 600 dialysis machines in the span of 10 years.

We have a dedicated team of Bio-Medical Engineers across the globe for installation and after-sales services.

We have successfully incorporated many dialysis centers. The company has a vision of having a chain of dialysis centers across the globe.

Our Dialysis Services:

  • Turnkey dialysis center setup.
  • Managing existing dialysis centers.
  • Turnkey project management.
  • Design of the facility.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Complete 24 x 7 training for clinical and technical staff.
  • Technical assistance and maintenance.
  • Preparation and supply of main equipment, including water treatment plants, dialysis machines, and dialysis chairs.

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